Sites and Ad Units Tab


1. Site Status. All sites registered on the platform can be filtered by different statuses (All, Active, Moderation, or Declined).

2. Add a new site. To add a new site, click on the + Add new site button, and follow the next steps.

3. Open Ad Units. To open the ad units menu of a site, click on the Ad Units link in the homonymous column.

4. Quick access to Ads.txt. To access the ads.txt section, click on the status of a site in the Ads.txt column.

5. Quick access to Consent (GDPR). To access the GDPR Consent tool settings, click on the status of a site in the Consent (GDPR) column.

6. Quick access to Prism. To open the Prism dashboard, click on status in the Prism column.