CLS-Optimized Mode

What is CLS-optimized mode?

Optimized Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) mode is a performance optimization feature that shows stubs in case of unfilled impressions on mobile and desktop versions of a site. 

Stubs are neutral gray layouts (see example below) that take the form of an ad unit container and appear where ad units are placed on the site. The design option is chosen randomly, but remains unchanged throughout the page.



Technical details

Mode of application

  • In the viewport: unfilled impressions replaced by stubs.
  • Outside the viewport: ad containers with unfilled impressions are collapsed and not shown.

Available on the following platforms and devices

  • Web (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • Prism Mobile Web (mobile)
Why activate ​​CLS-optimized mode?

Enabling CLS-optimized mode will reduce the content jumps that can occur when impressions are not filling up. By placing a placeholder, the site layout remains stable, which reduces accidental clicks and ensures a positive user experience. Consequently, your CLS score will increase, making your site more likely to meet Core Web Vitals compliance.

How to activate CLS-optimized mode?

CLS-optimized mode can be activated across the whole site for publishers who have  Clickio Header Code installed on their sites.

To activate  CLS-optimized mode, please follow the instructions below. 

1. Go to the Sites tab in the Clickio Publisher Platform and click the Edit icon for the website for which you wish to enable CLS-optimized mode.

2. Enable toggle CLS-optimized mode and click Save

3. The changes will take effect in 24 hours. 

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