Clickio Prism Feed

Clickio Prism Feed is a feature implemented with the infinite scroll technique that loads content continuously as the user scrolls down the page, eliminating the need for pagination. Thanks to the next article algorithm, only relevant content is shown in the feed of your site. 

How does the next article algorithm work?

For new content (publication date within the last 10 days), Clickio Prism Feed will prioritize other recent news from the same category. 

For older content (publication date older than 10 days), Clickio Prism Feed will prioritize popular content from the same category.

These are the standard default settings. Custom settings for selecting the next article are also available on request.

Please find an example of Clickio Prism Feed here.

Why activate Clickio Prism Feed?

Enrich user engagement

Clickio Prism Feed improves user experience, leading to a higher page depth (pages/session) and overall time spent on site, while the bounce rate decreases proportionally.

Increase ad revenue

A higher number of pages per session guarantees an increase in advertising revenue.

How to activate Clickio Prism Feed?

Clickio Prism Feed can be configured across the following settings:

  • Type of pages, sections, or categories. Clickio Prism Feed can be added on a selected kind of page, site sections, and categories. 
  • A number of articles in a feed. The number of next articles in a feed can be adjusted according to your preferences.
  • Placement. Usually, Clickio Prism Feed is added right after the main article content. However, the placement can be changed in accordance with your site structure (for example, added after the comment section or social media buttons). 

To add Clickio Prism Feed, please, contact your account manager, specifying custom settings if needed.

The implementation takes approximately 7 working days.