[Optional] Create a custom Role in Google Ad Manager

How to create a Clickio Pricelift role in Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager does not have a predefined Role that covers the set of permissions necessary for Pricelift to work, but you can create a new custom role.

  1. Sign in to your Google Ad Manager as an administrator. Go to "Access & Authorization".
  2. Click "Roles", then "New User" and input the following details:
    • Name "Clickio Pricelift"
    • Copy permissions from role, choose "Ad Exchange Manager"
    • Add the following additional permissions:
      • Section "Define and deliver orders": View creatives, View my orders and line items, Edit key-values values
      • Section "Manage people": View companies and contacts
      • Section "Reporting": Create and view reports
    • Click "Save"

This role can now be assigned to the new user.

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