Prebid.js recompilation guide

There are two options for Prebid.js recompilation:

  • you can recompile Prebid on your own,
  • you can ask Clickio tech team to recompile your Prebid.

If you want to recompile Prebid on your own

Please follow these official instructions on how to compile Prebid with additional adapters :

  1. add Clickio analytics adapter clickioAnalyticsAdapter.js to your Prebid.js;
  2. add adapters of all additional Clickio bidders that are supposed to be active on your site.

If you want Clickio to recompile Prebid for you

Clickio tech team can recompile your Prebid.js for you. In order to do so, you have to provide us with detailed information regarding your Prebid.

Make sure that we have all the information regarding your Prebid configuration (adapters, additional modules) in the Onboarding form.

Your account manager will provide you with updated Prebid.js, that you will need to replace on your site.

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