Instructions for Publishers with no Prebid

Integration steps: actions required from publishers

  1. Register in Clickio platform here or with the link provided by a Clickio manager.
  2. Sign the contract (sent via Adobe Sign).
  3. Grant access to Clickio to your Ad Manager via MCM.
  4. Fill in the Onboarding form provided by Clickio manager.
  5. Clickio technical team will create new entities (line items, orders) in your Ad Manager. You can monitor all the changes we make in your account in Admin > Change history.
  6. Our technical specialists will set up the inventory (Ad Units) in Clickio platform.
  7. Our policy team will send requests for moderation to demand partners. Moderation period may vary in different demand sources. You can check updates in the Demand Status report.

It is highly recommended that all publishers with traffic from EU have Consent tool installed on their sites. Most of demand partners do not monetize GDPR traffic without a CMP. You can install Clickio CMP here.

  1. Update your ads.txt by adding new lines provided by a Clickio manager.
  2. Implement Prebid code following the instructions and recommendations from Clickio technical team on a test page. Receive a confirmation that everything is set up correctly.
  3. Proceed with the code implementation in the head section of HTML on all pages of the site and go live.

What’s next?

After everything is set up correctly, you can control statistics in the Demand Structure report. Advanced Prebid Analytics report is under development, and will be available shortly.

Please contact your account manager if you would like to modify any Prebid settings, enable/disable demand partners or need any other assistance.

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