Web Implementation Guide

To add Clickio GDPR Consent Tool on your site, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install сonsent code
  • Go to the Code tab of the Consent (GDPR)
  • Copy the header code and insert it as the very first script between the <head></head> on all pages of your website.
Step 2: Add ‘Change privacy settings’ link

To comply with GDPR, publishers must give users a way to change consent settings. A persistent link should be placed on your website, where users can easily find it and edit their consent preferences at any time. A click on this link will show the consent dialog again.

  • Copy the link code, it also can be found in the Code tab of the Consent (GDPR):
<a href="#" onclick="if(window.__lxG__consent__ !== undefined) {window.__lxG__consent__.showConsent()} else {alert('This function only for users from European Economic Area (EEA)')}; return false">Change privacy settings</a>
  • The text ‘Change privacy settings’ can be edited and translated into your site’s language.
  • Place the link either on all pages of your website (for example, in footer or header) or inside your Privacy/Cookie policy.
Step 3 (optional): Install TCF API stub code

In case of using non-Clickio ads mediation/monetization solutions please refer to this article.