TCF v2.2 Overview and Migration

The IAB Europe has refined its Transparency and Consent Framework, launching TCF v2.2. This iteration reflects the latest legal precedents and directives from data protection authorities, ensuring closer alignment with their expectations.

Key Updates in TCF v2.2
  • Vendor Disclosure. Publishers must now clearly declare the number of vendors in the initial layer of the consent interface.

  • Consent Requirement for Specific Purposes: Vendors can no longer claim legitimate interest for purposes such as creating or selecting personalized ads and content profiles (purposes 3, 4, 5, 6). These now expressly require user consent. Practically, this will not have a significant impact, because vendors already required consent for Purpose 1 (Store and/or access information on a device).

  • More details about vendors are now disclosed to end-users, including the following: Categories of data collected, Retention periods on a per-purpose basis, Legitimate interest(s) at stake - where applicable.

  • General improvements in the way purposes and features are presented to users. Legal texts were removed and replaced with easy-to-understand text illustrations.

  • Simplified Consent Withdrawal. When users resurface the privacy settings dialog, they should be able to withdraw consent with one click.

IAB Timeline
  • The deadline to switch to TCF v2.2 is November 20, 2023.

  • There is no hard requirement to re-surface the consent dialog to all users. TCF v2.1 consent strings generated before November 20 will still be considered valid. However, TCF v2.1 TC strings generated after November 20 will not be accepted.

It's not mandatory for publishers to reinitiate the consent dialogue with all existing users. TCF v2.1 acquired consent strings will remain effective if collected before November 20, 2023. After the deadline, TCF v2.1 consent strings will not be accepted.

Changes in Clickio Consent
  • Number of Vendors Options. Choose whether to disclose the number inside the disclosure text or as a separate element.

  • Vendor list. Choose the number of vendors the consent is requested for. To help reduce the overall number of vendors while preserving the revenue, we prepared and continue to maintain Clickio-curated Optimized Vendor List.

Migration process

You can preview, configure and activate the TCF v2.2 version of the consent dialog at any point before November 20.

If you don't switch manually, Clickio Consent will perform the switch automatically in the period November 15-20, 2023. The following settings will be used as default:

  • Number of vendors: Inside the paragraph.

  • Vendor list: Optimized Vendor List.


If you need any assistance, do now hesitate to reach out to your account manager or the support team.