GDPR Consent Tool Setup

To set up the GDPR Consent Tool on your site, follow the steps below:

  • Sign up to Clickio Consent Platform and verify your email address by clicking the link in the confirmation email.
  • To access the settings of the Consent Management Platform, sign in to your Clickio account and go to the Consent (GDPR) tab.
  • Choose the site you want to add a consent tool for and go to the Settings tab.
  • Choose the language of the consent. As for now, the Clickio GDPR tool is available in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Polish, German, Greek, and Russian. 
  • Insert your cookie or privacy policy URL and click Generate.
  • Choose the desired consent popup position: centered or bottom.

Popup position settings is not supported on AMP pages.


  • Upload your site logo, by clicking Choose file for logo.
  • Adjust the design settings for text color, button text color, background color, and button background, “Back” link color.

Please note that you need to enter the color in HEX format only.

For Italian language only 

In accordance with the Italian DPA's cookie guidelines, as of January 2022, among other updates, all websites must have a clear button that prevents all but technical cookies from being used if the visitor clicks on it. To learn more about GDPR regulations in Italy, read our dedicated blog in English or Italian.

  • Choose close button options:

After selecting one of the options, a preview window will show how it will look on your website.

    • No close button
    • “X” button in the top right
    • Text link in the bottom left
    • Text link in the top right
    • Button with text in the top right
    • Larger button with text in the top right
    • Out of the popup link in the top right
  • Change the button names as needed. You can change the wording for all three buttons in the consent popup: Custom Options, Agree, and Close buttons.
  • Choose your consent scope: whether the consent will be collected from EEA users only or from all users.
  • Change the header of your consent dialog popup if needed in the Initial layer subtab

    By default, the Clickio header will be applied to your consent tool. Clickio default header of the main consent dialog was A/B tested to guarantee the higher consent rate.

  • After all the settings have been completed, click on Save.

Additional Settings
  • Custom CSS: to adjust the appearance of the main consent dialog, add custom code in CSS format in the Custom CSS window.
  • Custom disclosure: to add extra purpose to the Manage options Tab, add header and text in the Custom disclosure windowItems will be added to the end of the list in the first tab of the second layer.