GDPR Consent Tool FAQ

Can I add my own disclosures and additional partners?
Yes, you can modify all the texts in the consent interface, and add custom detailed disclosures using “Introduction” and “Custom disclosures” fields.

Can users revoke consent using the tool?
Yes. We provide publishers with the link that must be placed on the site. When the user clicks on the link, the consent dialog reappears.

Clickio participates in the Framework as a registered Consent Management Provider (CMP ID 63). We are fully compatible with the framework.

How often is the IAB vendor list updated?
We store a cached version of the IAB vendor list to speed up delivery, the original IAB vendors list is updated weekly.

How often is the Google vendor list updated?
We store a cached version of the Google vendors list to speed up delivery, it is synced daily with the original version.

How long is the consent stored for?
The user’s privacy choice is remembered for 13 months.

In which cases the consent dialog is shown again?
The consent dialog will be shown in the following cases:

  1. The user clicks on the “Change Privacy Settings” link.
  2. The publisher changes the disclosure version in the Consent Tool settings.
  3. New vendors have been added to the IAB vendor list and a certain number of days have passed since the last user decision. According to the GDPR, when new vendors are added, the publisher needs to ask the user for consent again, in order to pass personal information to new vendors. Once the user gives consent to a particular version of the IAB vendor list, the Consent Tool will not ask the user again for a certain number of days, even if the vendor list changes. However, after some time, the tool will prompt the consent dialog again, so that the site can utilize new vendors. This specific interval depends on how frequently the IAB list changes and the relative importance of added vendors.
  4. The user consent was last updated almost 13 months ago or more and needs to be re-retrieved.

According to the mentioned above, it is a totally valid situation, when both ads and consent popup are displayed simultaneously in case there was previously retrieved user consent.

There is a problem with the way pop-ups look on my site.
In rare cases, the site’s HTML/CSS can interfere with the way pop-ups look. If there is a problem, please contact support and we will resolve it as fast as possible.